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Testimonials from our satisfied customers...

Posted by HALO & WINGS PTE LTD Admin on

1) "....I received the package yesterday. Thank you for the free gift and please thank the team for their efficiency as well. Have a good day!" From : Carris dd 1 Sept 2016.

2) "Thanks.The key chains n gifts are great! Have a nice day. Shalom." From : Mrs Johnny dd 31 Aug 2016.

3) "Thank you for the free gifts...Love it so much...God bless...." From : Angie dd 24 Aug 2016

4) "Thanks for your gifts n efficient service. Shalom." From : Mrs Johnny dd 19 Aug 2016.

5) "Once again, thanks for the processing of this parcel delivery. Also wishing you and your colleagues a Blessed week ahead." From : Mr K L Tan dd 15 Aug 2016.

6) "Thank you, Halo & Wings (S) Pte Ltd for helping me get a last minute gift of a CZ CROSS Necklace for a cancer patient. Thank you for taking the time and going the extra mile...." - Richard W. dd 15 Sept 2016.

7) "Thank you - the ring I purchased online now fits just right!! Thank you for the prompt exchange." - Fabian dd Jan 2017.

8) "Thanks for my recent gifts n the bangle that I bought is great! All the best wishes in this CNY in the year of jubilee! Shalom." - Mrs Johnny dd 26 Jan 2017.

9) "Dear Halo & Wings, You have the most interesting and widest range of Christian Jewelry I have ever seen....Thank you for the prompt processing and delivery of the items I'd purchased online. And thank you for the lovely free gifts too!! May the Lord bless all of you!! Shalom!" - Christine C. dd 23 February 2017.

10) "Dear CK, Amazingly beautiful Christian jewelry items!! Thank you for the parcels received in perfect condition. Have a blessed day!!" - Charlie N. dd 7 March 2017.

11) "Hi Halo & Wings, Thank you for the Jewelry received in good condition. They are going to be such a great blessing to my family and friends as gifts!! God bless you!! - Sheila R. dd 18 Apr 2017.

12) "Dear Management of Halo and Wings, Really blessed to receive the parcel in good condition and excellent service. Thanks for also small gifts in between. The gifts are nice and really good to shop with you all...hope thru your blessing, my friend will have a good 21st. Many thanks." Best regards -  Agnes O. dd 20 May 2017. 

13) "Parcel received. Thanks for the kind gesture of the free gifts." - Brett dd 24 May 2017.

14) "Dear CK, Thank you for delivering the four menorahs to me. They are received in excellent condition and are beautiful in colour too. Thank you very much for your time and attention in delivering them to me today. I appreciate it. Have a great day and good health. God Bless -  David T. dd 9 June 2017.

15)"Thanks for your great service, CK. I will definitely spread the word!" - Karen L dd 18 Oct 2017.

16) "Just received your parcel. The faux leather bracelet is beautiful. The gift is great! Thanks." - Mrs L. Johnny dd 7 Nov 2017.

17)"I have just received your bracelets and they are very beautiful indeed! Thank you for the free gifts too!" - K. Yap dd 25 Nov 2017.

18) " Thanks very much for the quick response." - Tracy dd 2 Dec 2017

19) "Just received your items. so much thanks for your wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas! God bless! Shalom. - Mrs Levonn dd 7 Dec 2017

20) "The key chains received are indeed with thanks. May God bless u and your family in this festive season abundantly. Shalom." - Mrs L. Johnny 13 Dec 2017

21) "Thank you Halo & Wings, the bracelet is so beautiful! My wife loves it!!" - Mr Ling 18 Jan 2018

22) "Very genuine goods! Great workmanship!! - thank you." - Andrew 22 Jan 2018

23) "Have just received the rings - they are exactly what I have been looking for! Great workmanship!" - Jeannie 27 Jan 2018

24) "Thank you for the key-chains I bought for my CG in church - we all love them! PTL!" - John 5 Feb 2018

25) "Just received the 25 pcs of adjustable wooden cross necklaces for my missions....they are so beautiful....thank you!" -  Charles 20 Feb 2018

26) "I've received the ring - it is exactly as shown in the pictures, very good detailing and I love it!" Sandra (USA) 15 Mar 2018

27) "Thank you, thank you....we love our bracelets! And they are just what we wanted." - Betsy (New Zealand) 20 April 2018

28) "I am over the Moon at how pretty your necklaces are....thank you Halo & Wings - they would be perfect gifts for my siblings...." - Nancy (UK) 15 May 2018

29) "The rings and necklaces are lovely! Thank you for the free gifts too !! I will definitely buy more soon...." - Mary-Anne (USA) 25 May 2018

30) "Hi Sales Team, I have received the ring. Thank you so much for repairing it. Thanks for the discount code too. Will use it soon, and will share with friends your website too. God bless." - Chie O-H 30 June 2018 

31) "Thank you, thank you Halo & Wings for the beautiful stainless steel necklaces - they are so so pretty!!! Got them in the mail early too!! A definite recommendation to my family and friends...." - Lee 12 July 2018

32) "Got the items and they are excellent!" - Joey 15 Aug 018

33) "Amen! Thank you Halo & Wings - will be buying some more for Christmas!" - Jocelyn 12 Sept 2018

34) "Beautiful bracelet! - on-time delivery too...thank you!!" - Karen 23 Oct 2018

35) "Very satisfied....great-looking Christian Jewellery - keep up the good work." - Alan 9 Dec 2018 

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