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Necklace -'God of our Salvation' S/Steel Dual-toned 2-CROSS pendant necklace SSB180A (Psalm 68:19)

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Named 'GOD OF OUR SALVATION' - This is a new batch of one of our most popular Stainless Steel CROSS pendant & necklace collections.

a) A uniquely sandblasted dual-toned (Silver & Gold hue) stainless steel 2-CROSS pendant that can be worn separately (see sub-photo shown herein)

b) Complete with a resilient 45 cm length of stainless steel chain

c) Comes with state-of-the-art signature H&W light-grey gift box c/w a crystal on its cover & FREE special limited edition of H&W DESIGNER'S BOOKMARK based on BIBLE SCRIPTURE with every online purchase while stock lasts.

'Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our Salvation.Selah.'- Psalm 68:19

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