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Terms & Conditions

  • Overview 
  1. The following  rules and regulations apply to all visitors, users and all consumers of                    as well as webpage.   By using this / these website / websites, you agree to be bound by these rules and regulations. They may be modified by the management of / Halo & Wings Pte Ltd (Singapore) tm at any time and posted on the website / websites herein concerned.
  2. Additional clause specifically for international deliveries     We, at Halo & Wings Private Ltd (Singapore) will do all in its power to ensure that your parcels are delivered to you as quickly as possible and we appreciate your kind patience under current global circumstances. May God protect & bless all nations and all peoples in the world!


  • Violations 

In the event that any violation of these rules and regulations / terms and conditions occurs, the management of / Halo & Wings Pte Ltd (Singapore)-TM reserves the right to seek all remedies and compensation available by local & international laws applicable and in equity.


1.0   Terms & Conditions

1.1   Product

We take every effort to show as accurately as possible; under normal studio lighting conditions the colours of our products, but the colour / colours of each product is / are unique unto itself under different lighting conditions and may therefore differ slightly due to photographic technology and/or studio lighting as well as the colour spectrum of each individual’s screen monitor.

We do strive to the best of our abilities to ensure that products are free from defects and are in good condition before the item / items are shipped to the consumer. International shipping rates apply across different states and countries. Insurance during transit; if any shall be arranged by and borne by the consumer from the country wherein he / she resides. The company does not take responsibility in whole or in part, any loss and/or damages suffered during the course of deliveries.

1.2a   On-line purchases and bulk orders in Singapore – deliveries within Singapore

On-line purchases and bulk orders shall be delivered through any of the local delivery agencies the company has contracted to do so at that point of time. Time-frame of deliveries from time of sales transacted to actual physical delivery to site / consumers may differ slightly with different agencies and with holiday seasonal fluctuations.

1.2b   On-line purchases and bulk orders for International deliveries outside of Singapore

Similar to item 1.2a above, all international on-line purchases and bulk orders outside of Singapore shall be delivered to site / consumers via local arrangements with international freight forwarders and/or delivery agencies at that point of time. Time-frame of such deliveries from time of sales transacted to actual physical delivery to a foreign country / postal site/ pick-up point / consumer, may take between 5-14 / 15-30 (depending on bad weather conditions; if any) working days; depending on the postal network(s) of the foreign country and/or the ease of access to the country of delivery. Naturally, every effort shall be made to ensure that all items purchased internationally are received in a timely fashion.


1.2c   Bulk purchases – local and international trade discounts

‘Bulk purchases’ herein refers to International Trade Orders and Local Bulk Purchases from trade organizations and Gift / Bookshops, Churches and Church Ministries.

Please forward all enquiries and direct communication to for determination of bulk trade discounts applicable. Prevailing trade discounts are determined by the Management at their sole discretion and at varying points of the calendar year.


1.2d   Availability of items purchased

In the event that a product purchased is not available, sold-out or out-of-stock, we reserve the right to recommend an alternative item with a similar pricing and quality to the consumer. Where the suggested item is not acceptable to the consumer and all other arrangements for similar items to be considered has failed, a full refund shall be made to the consumer within 2 to 4 weeks from the date of confirmation that the said item(s) or similar item(s) via similar arrangements has/have not been accepted by the consumer.


1.2e   Orders made – cancellations / exchanges & refunds

Cancellation of orders after transaction has been processed and payment duly received, would not be entertained but on a case-by-case basis and for genuine cases, exchanges on defective items; if any for same items/model numbers are allowed within 7 calendar days from date of receipt of items. Proof of receipt date is required.
There would be no refunds on items purchased. Email us at             
to inform us of defective items received within 7 calendar days from receipt date failing which the exchange policy becomes void.For bulk purchases and retail outlets, please refer to contractual agreement for credit note facilities. 


 2.0   Customs Duties and Local Taxes

The amount billed includes the selling price of purchased items and shipping charges that apply in the country of purchase. It excludes all taxes, duties, import fees or customs clearance fees, insurance and miscellaneous fees chargeable by the local authorities and/or governmental agencies in the country of purchase.

International customers are advised to check with their local customs office for more information on the above so that the items purchased could make its way to you without any untoward circumstances due to non-payment of any of the above-mentioned charges liable to be paid by the customer in the country of purchase.

 All prices stated are retail prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD) excluding the prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST); if applicable.


3.0   Prices

We the management of / Halo & Wings Pte Ltd (S) – TM reserves the right to amend prices at our own discretion without prior notice.


4.0   Feedback and communication channel

We would love to hear from you about any new items you would like us to include in our website and/or any feedback about our products. Feel free to email us at:-




God bless....                                             

Halo & Wings Pte Ltd (S)-tm & H&W e-Shops Consultancy

Payment Methods : Currency SGD$ only 

Applies to both Singapore & International Orders:-

      1. Paypal

          We accept all Visa or MasterCard payments through PayPal


  1. Bulk Purchases / International Bulk Orders

           We accept telegraphic transfers to our corporate account:

           Please contact:    

                                                for Bank Details 

                 Please note - Currency accepted: SGD$ only 


Shipping Policy

 1.0   Singapore Purchases & Orders

  2. FREE shipping / delivery within Singapore for orders billed at or above SGD S$50. For purchases less than SGD S$50, shipping cost is charged at a flat rate of SGD S$5.00 per transaction per receipt (limited to max of 1kg per transaction).
  3. Orders would be processed and delivered via Singapore Post or through a local delivery agency after payment has been received.
  4. We reserve the right to update and/or amend delivery charges due to postal rate changes made by Singapore Post or those changed from our local delivery agency.
  5. Time-frame for local deliveries to site / customer: 2 to 5 full postal working days.
  6. For defective items received, please refer to clause 1.2e above.

2.0   International Trade Orders / Bulk Purchases

      Shipping :-

  1. Delivery charges are based on total overall weight of orders and destination.
  2. Delivery charges will be added to your final bill.
  3. International Courier Services and reputable agencies will be used for the delivery.
  4. After orders are processed and 100% payment received with all shipping charges applicable under our stated Payment Methods aforesaid, orders would be shipped out.
  5. There is a no-cancellation / no returns and no exchange policy on any item that has been shipped out and received in good order. For defective items please refer to clause 1.2e above.


        Thank you for your time...enjoy your shopping experience with us!


* Standard Mail Service means LOCAL TRACKED PACKAGE / STANDARD OVERSEAS REGISTERED LOCAL POST or MAIL SERVICE via a local delivery agency.


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